There is no excuse.

Information is like water. You can divert it, freeze it, boil it away or dam it up but it is still there. The river returns to its natural course, the spring thaw comes, the rain falls and the dam breaks. And when it returns, as gentle rain or as the torrent, there can be no shelter. The alethotropic mind that is the gift of God to every human being awakens and recognises the truth, however long it’s been hidden away. The flood is upon us now. The truth has become so obvious that the servants of the Liar and the Father of Lies have had every excuse stripped from their bones. Climate change, the panademic madness, gender ideology, race ideology, globalism…all of these stand exposed as lies from the mouth of Satan.

On the pandemic, study after study has emerged from sources regarded by the governing classes as unimpeachable showing without doubt that the vaccines did are continuing to do significant damage to the health of many who took them. From the pen of Anthony Fauci himself comes this article in Cell stating unequivocally that the COVID vaccine did not and could not have worked either to prevent infection, prevent the spread or reduce the severity of the illness. He knew this three years ago.

“Because the pulmonary immune system is semi-autonomous, it may be difficult for either systemically administered or upper respiratory-administered vaccines designed to prevent infection to additionally prevent pulmonary infection if upper respiratory infection spreads to the lungs.” and even more shocking,

“Taking all of these factors into account, it is not surprising that none of the predominantly mucosal respiratory viruses have ever been effectively controlled by vaccines. This observation raises a question of fundamental importance: if natural mucosal respiratory virus infections do not elicit complete and long-term protective immunity against reinfection, how can we expect vaccines, especially systemically administered non-replicating vaccines, to do so?”

The rains now pounding New Zealand present a teachable moment. Everytime some climate cultist starts bleating about the storms, just ask them to explain the direct link between atmospheric CO2 and this particular series of storms. They won’t be able to do it. You can then ask them to do the same for any discreet weather phenomenon. They won’t be able to do that either. Then ask what is the ideal global temperature. Then ask why a certain starting date was picked as a benchmark and not another date. You get the idea. Under specific questioning, the dialectic destroys the entire fabric of the lie.

Another general dialectic exchange goes like this:

Climate cultist : “You don’t believe in climate change?” (Note how this is presented as a quasi-religious question rather than a scientific one)

You: “I believe that the climate changes, the climate is a dynamic system and has been changing since there has been an atmosphere and an ocean.” (You’ve now reframed the question as an actual scientific there change in a dynamic system?)

CC: “But you don’t believe that human activity causes climate change?” (He’s setting up the begged question now.)

Y: “I believe in the scientific method and no hard evidence has been produced of a direct link between human activity and climate change.”

CC: “What about all that global warming since the industrial revolution began?” (This is the begged question…it’s not at all evident that the planet as a whole is has grown warmer since 1750…and the correlation fallacy…even if the premise is true, no causal link has been proved… all in one)

Y: Even if I assume the truth of your premise, why do you start measuring there? Why not start during the Medieval Warm Period (c. AD 940-1340) when it was 1.5 dgrees warmer than it is now or the Little Ice Age (c. 1300-1850) when it was 2 degrees cooler than it is now? For that matter, why not start with the last real Ice Age 12,000 years ago when it was 21 degress cooler and mankind nearly went extinct? What’s special about 1750?

CC: Thats when humans started producing carbon dioxide from fossil fuels. (Note the circular argument AND the begged question: any warming since 1750 must be the result of human activity because thats when human industrial activity began)

Y: That’s a circular argument. What about climatic change BEFORE the Industrial Revolution?

CC: Those are anomalies. (If the cultist is singing from the Book of Common Climate, they’ll say this)

Y: Is it scientific to dismiss all countervailing examples as “anomalies” if they do not fit your theory?

You get the idea and you may even be able to force upon the cultist a degree of cognitive dissonance that will shock him into normality.

The flood is here and the governing class and its catamites and parasites, its pharisees and janissaries will not be able to claim they were misled or that they were ignorant of the truth. However dull, witless or careless they may be, the glaring reality now visible to all has taken away ignorance, stupidity and incompetence as excuses. Those who would control us stand exposed clothed in the last remaining explanation for their actions: they are evil.

The Last Stand of the Men of the West

A few notes for the reader, we use the Cold Mountain conventions to which I add that we use here the terms country, nation and state to mean specific things. These terms are not interchangeable.

The four horsemen of the intellectual apocalypse – Postmodernism, Feminism, Multi-culturalism and Secularism-have ridden rampant through the global West for a century, leaving behind rivers of blood and smoking ruins both figurative and literal. All of these spring from the same deep source, ancient beyond all human knowledge – Satan’s doomed war against the kingdom of God. Do not misunderstand the nature of this war. St. Paul, the great Lion of God, explained in the clearest possible language both the terms of the conflict and how to fight:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

“Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”

Ephesians 6:11-12

Part of the armour of God is His gift to us of the power of Reason. It is Reason that leads to Truth, which together with faith, are necessary if the West is to survive as more than a remnant culture. What is reason telling us today?

Europe and Europeans, whether in our ancient lands or in the great Diaspora, must return to our Christian, our Catholic, roots. Reason tells us that only a deeply corrupted people would willingly suffer the unchecked invasion and colonisation of their ancestral lands by foreigners, many of them barbarians and most of them bearing contempt if not hatred for the Europeans who allow them to blaspheme their God, to murder their citizens, to desecrate their holy places and rape their women. Reason tells us that only lands utterly under the fog and thrall of secular ennui could again and again slaughter their best and bravest on their own soil. Reason tells us that only a civilisation bereft of faith and resigned to Death could abort their own children in such numbers as to ensure the extinction of their race.

The transformation of Europe into a land of spritual and intellectual déracinées coincides precisely with the deliberate alienation of our people from the spirtitual and intellectual wellspring of our culture: the Catholic Church. Yes, the rituals and practices of the universal Church in Europe are informed by cultural traditions even more ancient than the Church herself. This only makes the Christian architecture of our culture stronger, just as the New Covenant fulfilled and supplanted the Old while keeping all that was good and holy from it, so the ancient folkways of the European past found fulfillment and new life in Catholic Europe. Thus was a collection of warring peoples hammered together for a brief time into the world bestriding civilisation called Christiandom.

The last bulwark standing athwart the extinction of the West is the Holy Catholic Church. The principles which distinguished European man from the rest of the population of the planet, and which are the foundation of European civilisational confidence, rest upon nothing more or less than the magisterium of the Church. It was Europe and her children in the Western Diaspora, compelled and enlightened by the Church, who invented science, crushed the slave trade, and industrialised the world. It was Europe, striving heavenward, that created the most transcendent art, music and architecture ever experienced by mankind. Most fundamentally, it was Europe under the teaching of the Church, that first recognised the reality of natural rights and inalienable dignity inherent in each individual.

It is time and past time for Europe and her children to stand up and to reclaim their heritage and their lands. It is time to declare without blinking or faltering that the native peoples of the European continent have the sacred right and duty, no less than indigenous peoples anywhere, to defend by any means necessary their ancestral homelands, their native languages and cultures, and their Christian faith. They have the sacred right and duty to resist by any means necessary the invasion and colonisation of their nations by foreign hordes. They have the right to insist, on pain of expulsion, that any person permitted to settle in Europe respect European norms and traditions. Finally, Europeans have the right and duty to reclaim at a time and in manner of our choosing the sacred lands and holy places of our faith and to revive the Christian faith there. These things can only be done by returning Europe to the bosom of the Church and to the restablishment of Europe as Christiandom.

Christ himself promised us that the very gates of Hell would not prevail against His Church. That does not mean merely defensively. St. Paul told us that the armour of God is proof against the weapons of evil. He also told us that:

But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid, for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is a minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil


They have been warned. The road home is high and hard but it is exceedingly well lit and abundantly signposted. In human affairs, there are now only globalists and nationalists. In spiritual affairs there is Jesus Christ and there is Death. Choose this day whom you will serve.

Resistance Part 2: America Delenda Est.

The United States of America is finished as a republic. It will continue for decades to careen through the world like a geopolitical black hole, devouring whatever it can and smashing what it cannot devour, but it is just as surely dead. Through a combination of media gaslighting, judicial corruption, foreign collusion, violence in the streets and fraud, America as a republic of the people vanished on January 20. Behind a ring of steel barriers and barbed wire, surrounded only by sycophants, handlers and puppeteers, protected by a wartime sized military deployment–who had to be politically vetted and even disarmed–the decrepit, demented, corrupt Joe Biden was installed as President. It was a process and spectacle that would have been right at home in Kazakhstan or Venezuela. America has installed their Paul von Hindenberg and their Hitler will surely follow. The American fascist left have for a century been relentlessly gnawing like termites at the foundations of the American republic and now the house divided can no longer stand. We must digress here for a brief history review before returning to our present predicament and the question of what is to be done.

Only two presidents–Theodore Roosevelt and Donald Trump have dared try and cleanse the stables of the stench of a deeply reactionary and hopelessly corrupt bureaucracy. The brutal fascist Woodrow Wilson nearly succeeded in ending the American experiment with democracy on the pretense of World War I, only to be beaten back after his globalist and imperialist adventures failed and his policies were rejected by the returning troops. Having spent four long years in the freezing mud of Europe, the soldiers were in no mood to be harnessed to the purposes of a patrician racist academic. The interregnum of reason of the Harding, Coolidge and Hoover years was brought to an end by corporate malfeasance and collusion and by a second catastrophic failure of the European political system. Another gentil autocrat, Franklin Roosevelt, used the consecutive emergencies of the Great Depression and the Second World War to expand the administrative state beyond any prospect of constitutional limits. Roosevelt was also willing to use any means necessary to crush political opposition to his relentless drive for control over every aspect of the American economy. His New Deal created huge new regulatory bureaucracies to match and he was only narrowly stopped from enlarging the Supreme Court and packing it with his lackys to prevent constitutional challenges.

This was a determination he signally failed to muster against Adolf Hitler until nearly all of Europe was already under the Nazi boot and the United Kingdom, still socially and financially enervated by the butcher’s bill of World War One, stood alone. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour finally forced Roosevelt’s hand and the new emergency of World War Two added wartime powers to his already comprehensive control over the American economy. He used these powers to intern American citizens in concentration camps and to confiscate their property and to crush the labour movement who had been his support.

I think you begin to get the idea, with very small digressions during the Eisenhower and Reagan years, the story of American politics for the last century has been one of a steady, sometimes stealthy and sometimes flagrant, theft and transfer of political power and agency from citizens to the corporate state. The degenerate inbred political clans of the Kennedys and Bush pere et fils and the Neronian Clintons accelerated the process. A process which found it’s acme in the nullity of Barack Obama. Obama is a small man of little wit and no accomplishment, a man who but for his race and his willingness to be bought, would never have risen beyond the cesspit of Chicago politics. He overcame a recalcitrant Congress to expand the reach of the state and through an unprecedented number of executive orders extended that reach into the minutiae of Americans’ daily life. A supine and corrupt judiciary, sycophantic media and incompetent opposition allowed these insults to the Constitution to stand.

The brief interregnum of Donald Trump was an accident. The intellectual isolation and information bubble in which the corporate-fascist American elite exists led them to miss entirely just how much Americans across the political spectrum despise Hillary Clinton. By the time the elite realised that not even the combined power of Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood and the entire media establishment could drag this drunk, ailing grifter into the White House, it was too late. Trump won but his courage failed him. Instead of taking an axe to the brieaucracy, he approached it with loud voice and butter knife. Even with the backing of 80 million people, he tolerated astonishing and levels of insubordination, betrayal and criminal assaults on his administration. He left in place quislings like Christopher Wray and Gina Haspel, he tolerated open insubordination in the military chain of command, he failed to direct the enthusiasm and iron loyalty of his supporters at the spineless Congressional Republicans, he allowed himself to be browbeaten into firing loyal lieutenants like Michael Flynn, and worst of all, he let himself be gaslighted into covid panic and this handed his enemies the political equivalent of Sauron’s Ring. Sic transit gloria mundi.

And thus we find America at the point of no return. There is no real political choice in America, only two wings of a single mono-party, both in thrall to a nauseating oligarchy of finance, tech and the media. No arm of the federal government, and few in the states operate without the express consent of the techno-media oligarchs. They no longer find it necessary even to pretend that citizens have any opinion of which the state needs take note. All is not lost but resistance is required now not later. No one can hide from what is coming. There are many forms of resistance available to the citizen short of violence, and if applied consistently and courageously they are highly effective. If the corrupt Biden regime remains in office for its full term, the United States as an integral political entity will vanish and the world we know will pass away, to be replaced by one where peoples with less humane ideals but greater civilisational confidence will set the rules. If it were merely a matter confined to American soil, it would be one thing. But this is a global matter, the rotting carcass of American politics will send its stench around the world unless the rot is stopped or the carcass is buried.

On the Country, the Nation and the State

A note for the reader: We use here the terms country, nation and state to mean specific things. These terms are not interchangeable. Please hold that thought as you read.

What most people refer to as a “country” is a mental construct built around a name and which is a kind of free-floating amalgam of two more concrete ideas, the Nation and the State. It is to this construct that most of us direct such patriotism as we have. What do we find when we look under the hood, when we examine individually the things which we collectively call a country and to which we direct our loyalty? If you ask a patriotic New Zealander, an American, a Frenchman and a Chinese what it is about their country that inspires or commands their loyalty, you will get very different answers. (For purposes of this essay, I exclude those who for reasons of ignorance, fashion or history profess to, uniquely, have no such feelings about or to detest their country. I have no time for such people because they are probably lying.)

A New Zealander will probably speak first of the observable natural beauty and physical characteristics of the land…the sense of light and space and then of whatever political attributes he rightly or mistakenly finds positive. He may speak of a “fair go”, of equality and democracy, of security or social safety. The impressionable or the indoctrinated may speak of diversity and inclusion while those of an age may mention the Queen or the common law. An American will immediately say freedom and opportunity and may talk of long lost features of the national character such as independence, personal responsibility and national courage.

As we move on to France, we begin to get a much more “blood and soil” response. The Frenchman will wax on a bit about la France profonde, about the language, and about national culture and pride. A pride that by the way will be evident even as he proceeds to tell you all that is wrong with France. And for the first time in our world tour you will hear the word “civilisation” as he describes France’s national contribution to civilised society. And finally we come to China, where the patriotic Chinese (and here I refer to the Han or to the completely assimilated non-Han) may not even be able to tell you why he loves his country, but you will very definitely hear in his voice that he does have a deep love and loyalty to her. You will of course hear the Party approved words, but that speaks of the State. The strong undercurrent will be an indescribable loyalty to the Chinese nation.

New Zealand, America, France and China are the archetypes of different sorts of countries. If you are paying attention, you will notice a spectrum of response in which the citizens of proposition nations, new and old, describe their patriotism in terms of the landscape or of epiphenomena of the political system moving through the cultural and ethnic nations who ascribe theirs to much deeper and older characteristics not mutable by changes in the political currents of the day.

The proposition nations have a difficult but manageable obstacle in maintaining the “nation” part of a country. Proposition nations hold that anyone who arrives may become a citizen with full and equal rights under the state and full and equal claims upon the resources of the whole country merely by arriving and accepting or claiming to accept the founding principles or propositions. The feet touch the ground, the mouth speaks the words and ex opera operandi the new arrival has become a Kiwi or an American. The difficulty of course is that this is absurd. As Vox Day called it, this is “magic dirt” theory, when there is in fact nothing magic about either the dirt or the proposition. A Mexican does not become a Kiwi nor a Somali an American by mere virtue of arrival and incantation any more than the reverse is true. Citizenship in a proposition country and membership in its constituent nation is a high minded concept that is dependent for its success on all arrivals accepting or abiding by the proposition. For such a nation to survive, most of the population must operate under broadly shared notions of fairness, reciprocal responsibility and civic virtue, otherwise the very category of citizenship fails.

And it is failing under the combined weight of mass migration and identity politics. It is an observable fact that almost all migrants continue to operate under the habits, cultural imperatives and social structures of their former domicile and, in sufficient numbers, even seek to transform the new country into a simulacrum of the old one where the original residents subsidise segregated culture for the new arrivals and their progeny. The British experience with Muslim migrants from South Asia shows us that this trend persists and even grows stronger through generations. The inescapable conclusions are that such migrants as a country sees fit to admit should come in large proportion from “pre-acculturated” origins. Further, all migrants should be subject to strict vetting and allowed to remain on sufferance only under the condition of assimilation. Finally, full political rights and any claim on the resources of the state should come only after a long period of continuous residence. Migration in general is a subject for another post, so I’ll leave that part of it here for now.

The second force implicated in the destruction of nations is what has come to be called “globalism”. It is in fact an imposed ideology which has no left or right, based on weak or no empircal data and sustained by a gaslighting media and corruptible politicians. The gaslighting comes from the introduction of ill defined “principles” usually couched in the language of freedom, prosperity and charity. You’ll recognise them immediately-diversity, tolerance, free trade, international obligations, and so on. Each of these will be the subject of a separate post. None are in the least susceptible to empirical analyis and all are destructive to the nations.

The country is a fragile thing, existing as it does as a shifting amalgam of Nation and State. The nation is not fragile. It is the sum of the common will, based in deep shared culture and yes, in part, in ethnicity. The outward manifestations of deep culture-language, religion, tradition, and shared assumptions of objective reality are not the core of the nation. That core is found, as Douglas MacArthur put it in the “mystic chords of memory” that play only for those who belong to the nation. The State is that which gives effect to the will of the nation. It is durable or fragile, strong or weak in direct proportion to the degree that it is identified with the nation. Reasons of power politics aside, a State which identifies strongly with the underlying Nation has no need to closely regulate the activities of citizens. A country of a national citizens will be largely self organising and self regulating, with the State needing only the powers absolutely necessary to defend the borders, maintain order, enforce contracts, protect property rights, provide for those with no recourse and to conduct relations with other States. A country composed of a proposition nation will need a correspondingly stronger state as those who do not accept or at least abide by the proposition inevitably seek their own advantage. A country composed of multiple nations, either by conquest or colonisation (and mass migration is just another name for colonisation) is even more fragile and requires an even stronger state. The proper name for a country composed of multiple nations is “empire” and no empire lasts.

The country ceases to exist as a practical matter when the state becomes deracinated, cut off from the national wellsprings of its authority. At that point, governance by consent disappears and the state has only force to fall back on to capture the resources needed to maintain itself. What loyalty does the national citizen owe when the State no longer gives voice and effect to the will of the nation? What becomes of the country when the State becomes a only a distant reflection of the nation and a tool for its destruction? These are not academic questions. As the State’s connection to the nation attenuates, so does the citizen’s loyalty to the country.

To take New Zealand as an example, we have watched for a generation as succesive governments have legislated and regulated not in the national interest but in compliance with “global” priorities such as migration, control of capital, and “climate change”. These are announced in Geneva, Washington, New York or Brussels and imposed upon New Zealanders without discussion and without the slightest regard for the welfare of New Zealanders or the national interests of New Zealand.. The State sees no need to justify these to citizens because the New Zealand state has become completely alienated from the nation which created it.

This has been by design. The Nation is an obstacle to the capture of the State by global authority and therefore must be diluted, weakened and ultimately destroyed. Worse, the community and the family are obstacles to the destruction of the nation and therefore they too must be weakened. Democracy itself stood in the path to realisation of this pro=cess and the electorate therefore needs to altered through migration and relentless propaganda. What is to be done when the State actively seeks to destroy all sources of authority other than itself? Is that not the political equivalent of sawing off the branch it is sits on? Perhaps it is time to allow the branch to fall, to encourage it in fact.

Cold Mountain Conventions

This blog has certain conventions and these yield not an inch to post-modern tropes, vapid virtue signalling or the detritus of minds poisoned by cultural Marxism and political correctness. The writers here do not care whether you are offended by what you read. If you are too intellectually immature or emotionally fragile to consider objectively what you read, then perhaps you should go back to reality television. We consider post-modernism at best a kind of mental illness, at worst a philosophy for the determinedly obtuse and those too lazy to think. We believe that there are such things as truth and beauty, civilisation and culture. We believe that the ability to recognise and respond appropriately to objective physical reality is a fundamental attribute of living things from paramecia to human beings. We believe in Western Civilisation and we believe that its underpinnings are classical and Christian. We believe in science and in the scientific method. We believe in liberty and we believe that liberty is inseparable from Western Civilisation and to the extent the West abandons its roots, it will lose its liberty. We believe in nations and in national civilisations, among which is the West, or what used to be more accurately known as Christiandom. We believe that each of these national civilisations has every right to exist, without external coercion, within secure and recognised borders as national states. These are the general conventions on Cold Mountain, and as no nation owes anything to those who are not its citizens, Cold Mountain owes nothing and will yield nothing to the evil or the ill intentioned.