Cold Mountain Conventions

This blog has certain conventions and these yield not an inch to post-modern tropes, vapid virtue signalling or the detritus of minds poisoned by cultural Marxism and political correctness. The writers here do not care whether you are offended by what you read. If you are too intellectually immature or emotionally fragile to consider objectively what you read, then perhaps you should go back to reality television. We consider post-modernism at best a kind of mental illness, at worst a philosophy for the determinedly obtuse and those too lazy to think. We believe that there are such things as truth and beauty, civilisation and culture. We believe that the ability to recognise and respond appropriately to objective physical reality is a fundamental attribute of living things from paramecia to human beings. We believe in Western Civilisation and we believe that its underpinnings are classical and Christian. We believe in science and in the scientific method. We believe in liberty and we believe that liberty is inseparable from Western Civilisation and to the extent the West abandons its roots, it will lose its liberty. We believe in nations and in national civilisations, among which is the West, or what used to be more accurately known as Christiandom. We believe that each of these national civilisations has every right to exist, without external coercion, within secure and recognised borders as national states. These are the general conventions on Cold Mountain, and as no nation owes anything to those who are not its citizens, Cold Mountain owes nothing and will yield nothing to the evil or the ill intentioned.