On Resistance Part 3: Starve the Beast

It should be obvious to the clear eyed observer that we in the West are not going to be able to simply vote our way out of the cages being built all around us. Voting is necessary, but it is not sufficient. The Beast, the techno-bureaucratic complex, has its thumb firmly on the scales of the electoral process. From the “vote until you give us the answer we want” Europeans, to the colour revolutions in the former Soviet republics, to the 2020 elections in America, it is clear that the will of the people will not be allowed to stand in the way of globalist ambitions. Nor can the Beast be convinced by argument. Pointing out the gross hypocrisy, the incompetence, the bloody minded destruction, even the criminality of the governing class is useless. They already know that they are execrable hypocrites and grifters and they don’t care if you know it.because they believe they will rule forever. The media will not help you, nor will academia as both have been thoroughly co-opted and merged into the so-called progressive enterprise. Argument is necessary, but it is not sufficient. The progressive elites and their minions believe that they are well on the way to becoming a permanent ruling class. Having bought or bullied most opposing voices into silence, all that remains is to permanently alter the electorates through immigration and forced dependency so that the voices of free men and women are subsumed forever into the gray mass of bread and circus socialism.

As neither persuasion nor elections will on their own restore our way of life, we must add the third component: resistance. Resistance is now both a necessary and a sufficient action. It need not involve violence, We are by the grace of God not yet at that point. If free people act resolutely and soon, we may never come there. What then is to be done concretely? We have already discussed the necessary mental steps in an earlier post, The Mind and the Seed of Truth. I urge you to read it before going on. I also urge you to read Chapter 6 of St. Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians. Even if you are neither a Christian nor a believer, you will be much closer to understanding the nature of the Beast. Mental and spiritual preparation are absolutely essential for resistance will not be without cost.

The first concrete step you can take is to starve the Beast. Deprive it of both material and intellectual support. The initial and easiest measure the citizen can take is to get off “free” social media. If you are here, you probably already understand that literally nothing in the universe except God’s grace is free. There is a saying that is so common it has become a cliche. But all cliches, like all stereotypes, achieve that status because they are at some level true. “For any service, if you don’t know what the product is, you’re the product” is the one that applies to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and their imitators. Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg did not become billionaires by giving away a service with no product. Facebook and Twitter are no more “free” than a 2 for 1 miracle soap offer on late night TV. Every link you click and every ad you scroll by puts revenue in the pocket of people who hate you. Every time you post you make, read, repost, comment on, like or even pause on gives them something even more valuable – data, specifically data about you which they sell to advertisers and marketers and share with agencies of the state. Your attention and the information that your activity gives to them for free are their ONLY assets. Deprive them of that, and you will break them like a made in China toy. Evan as I write Facebook has deplatformed Australia, an entire country, because the government there will not allow Zuckerberg to steal content from Australian creators.

Get off these platforms. You are enriching and empowering people who despise you and who hold in contempt your very existence. Would you continue to shop at a store if the owner called you a racist and a Nazi everytime you walked in? You are literally no more than livestock to Dorsey, Zuckerberg, and their ilk. Start with Facebook. Delete your account, do it almost now. WHy almost and not “right now”? Because before you delete it, you can strike a heavy blow at the platforms by poisoning the information well and muddying the data pool. These will each be the subject of separate post, In the context of this post, it means that before you delete your account distort the data first by unfriending and unfollowing all your real interlocutors. Then pick out a mix of random strangers and people you would never interact with under normal circumstances and follow them. Scroll through and “like” every statist screed, progressive trope and social justice propaganda you can find. Join groups like Black Lives Matter, By Any Means Necessary, climate action groups, and any other thing you find anathema in real life. Log off and let this brew steep for a week to ten days to ensure that entirely inaccurate and financially worthless data portrait of you is created.Repeat this process with Twitter and Instagram. Delete your posts and replace them with ones about matters in which you have no interest. Replace those you now follow with those you despise. Shrink the already tiny intellectual circle in which these goldfish swim until they know nothing about the outside world. Then wait a week and delete your account.

Remember, the people who run Facebook and Twitter hate you. Search out alternatives like Social Galactic and Gab. Yes these will cost you something directly. That is infintely better than paying tribute to people who hate you and wish you were dead.

*(Parler I am sorry to say is not an alternative–it’s free to you, it’s funded by the same billionaire class, and they ask for phone number. When Parler showed signs of going off the reservation they were quickly shut down by Jeff Bezos.That should tell you something)